Friday, May 29, 2009


First off-I'm laying in bed with Sophie this morning teasing her about still being my baby. She looked at me with all the attitude of a 14-year old and said, "Mom, I'm not a baby. I'm two and a half." Well sheesh. Excuse me. :)

McKay graduated from preschool last Friday. We went to a park, played ate lunch and then had a short program. The teacher had put together a DVD slide show of pics throughout the year. Then she handed out their certificates, a book they had made for each other, some bubbles and a picture of what they wanted to be when they grow up. Ms. Shelly shared a little about each picture as the kids came up. There were so many noble choices-mom, dad, doctor, mom doctor (my favorite), fireman, etc. Then it was McKay's turn. Any guesses what my boy genius wants to be? A ninja turtle. Yep. That's my boy.

Lyndsi has decided she is ready to get her ears pierced. I am not against it at all, but thought I should make sure she knew the prophets thoughts on ear piercing (in relation to how many sets of earrings). She already knew that we can only do one pair of earrings. We've gone over the process of how it gets done and a bit about the aftercare. Jeff is on board to, but we both felt like she should earn it. We came up with a little challenge for her and a timeline. She's pretty excited about it. Look for some new bling to be coming this way!


JM Phocion said...

He could have put a put a CPA, but that would have been dull. Gotta keep things exciting.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like when you forget that Sophie isn't a baby she will remind you! She is cute. McKay's growing up comment made me laugh. Bry wants to be an optomitrist (possibly because of his visits to the eye clinic.)

Karamie Maynes said...

Such a cute picture of Sophie! She's funny! Good job Mckay on graduating from preschool, and hopefully you can be a ninja someday:), and tell Lyndsi I'm so excited for her to get her ears pierced! Take care!

Eric and Hannah said...

Your kids are cute! Mackenzie will always be my baby girl! I am trying to talk her into piercing her ears, but she is not ready! :(