Thursday, March 12, 2009

Inquiring minds want to know...

What kind of portable DVD player do you have?
How long have you had it?
Do you love it?
Would your buy it again/recommend it?

Just trying to figure out which kind I want to buy. Thanks for the input!

Do you rotate your kids toys?
What's your method?
Where do you stash the inactive toys?

Feel free to leave any other advice you want. :D


Jen said...

7" Portable DVD player by "Initial". We've used it as our primary DVD player AND portable DVD player for almost 5 years. I do love it, because it seems indestructable and I can plug it into my TV and just use it like a normal DVD player.

No method, just the one's that they are starting to ignore rotate out, (1/3 - 1/2 of the toys).
Garage shelves. OR high out of reach closet shelf. It has to be in the garage for Mike, because he can see the high shelves. They really do think it's like getting a new toy when you rotate (yes, Mike included).

Ashley said...

Our DVD player is a polaroid I believe and it does the trick, I kind of wish we had a dual screen though.

I use large rubbermaid totes for our toys and I just store them in the garage. Every few months when we clean the garage we will do a switcheroo.

Chad and Kristen said...

We got the dual screen DVD portable DVD player that fixes to the headrests of your car. They can watch the same movie or completely different movies by switching a cord, easy as 1-2-3!! They also have remotes so I can control it from the front seat!

My trick with the DVD player however, is I only put it in the car for long car trips so it is something fresh and new and will hold their attention, longer than 5.2 seconds!!!

We got ours at Target, I think it is audiovox, and we haven't had ay problems with ours.

Yes, I rotate toys, not on purpose, but the toys that they don't pay attention to sort of end up in their toy boxes downstairs. And when I go through and de-junk their toys every couple months, they see the ones that I am going to throw away, and suddenly they find their favorite toy they cant live without and how dare I think I can give/throw it away...

Melissa Ash said...

Spectroniq 7" DON'T BUY!! Hate it! Screen is broken, hardly used. Doesn't even play a DVD all the way through anymore!

Yes, I do rotate toys! I put them in boxes according to kind of toy---Trains, Cars, blocks, etc. Then, each day I pull out a different box! He loves it! Something new to play with every day! I put them in a closet under the stairs, and on the top shelf in his bedroom closet!