Thursday, January 22, 2009

I Heart Free Stuff

Like this:

And this:

And this is what my kids are doing and have been doing all morning and a good part of what they did yesterday:
The first picture is all the free stuff I got at the Get Down With Scrapbooking charity crop last weekend. Of course that doesn't include the make and take projects and a few embellishments that I had already put away when I took this picture. It was a great weekend and my hubby was awesome to let me have that time to myself. Thanks Jeff! I can't wait for next year's crop.
Next is my can rotator shelving system. Free. My mom found this deal for me. One of the big concerns I have about this current house is where to put well, first my family and their things but a close second is where do I put a one-year supply of food? Not that I have that yet, but we are trying to work on it. My mom food these great shelves and it will work beautifully. A lot of my shelf space in my current food storage area is taken up with cans and cans of things we've purchased at caselots. Now I can fill that space with other good food storage things.
Lastly, my kids have been quite taken with McKay's collection of hot wheels cars and this little loop-de-doo track thing. They group cars by families. Then they rearrange them and group by gender. (I didn't realize cars and families or genders either.) Then they put them in straight lines. Now the games on hold till Lyndsi gets home from school. (Currently they're putting their basketballs down for naps. I am living with creative geniuses here.)


Ashley said...

I'm not talented enough to scrapbook, but free stuff still rocks!

Emily Youngdell said...

I am so jealous of that shelf that you have for your storage. That is so awesome!

Karamie Maynes said...

I LOOOOVVVVEEEE free stuff too! Looks like you did awesome getting tons of free stuff-gotta love the kids putting cars into gender's-wow!-I had no idea cars could do that:)

Cami said...

I *heart* your new background.
The car thing is hilarious.
Cute kids!

Sunshine and Lazy days said...

Free stuff is always the best! I think most of my furniture was free! Can't beat that! And your kids and the hot wheels made me laugh! Kids are so funny!

Jen said...

That's some pretty sweet booty. (I mean a valuable prize, award, or gain, not anything too vulgar or hoodish). I'm putting in an entry on my rotating shelves sometime in the future. They are truly a cause for celebration!

Sherilyn said...

Loved all the fun stuff I got to. Also, where did your mom find the shelves. I need something like that for my food storage as well