Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Tag from Marlene

5 things I was doing 10 years ago:
1- Starting my Senior year of HS
2- Finding out I did make Madrigals after all, much to my violin teachers dismay.
3- Getting ready for homecoming
4- Learning the music to 7 Brides for 7 Brothers (school musical)

5 things on my to-do list today:
1- Laundry
2- Transcription homework
3- Take a nap (Sophie kept me up until about 1 a.m.)
4- Teach violin or reschedule for Thursday
5- Wipe down the swimming pool and put it away.

5 songs I know lyrics to:

1- Any High School Musical song
2- Hark All Ye Nations
3- Theme song to Fresh Prince of Bell Air (can't do it without the show on though)
4- Jingle Bells

5 things I would do if I had a million dollars:
1- Pay tithing.
2- Pay off the mortgage
3- Give some my parents.
4- Set-up college/mission funds for the kids.
5- Take the rest, invest, and live off the interest. (I do think I'd do a little shopping, like get a new bedroom set for my room)

5 things I will never wear again:
1- Overalls
2- A big lacy, doiley-like collar
3- Favorite prom dress
4- Pants that are skinny at the ankles (remember when we rolled them that way on purpose?)
5 -High top sneakers or sandals

5 favorite toys:
1- my scrapbooking stuff
2- my cookbooks
3- my camera
4- my computer
5- my books

The 5 people I'm tagging:
1- Jeff
2- Amy

(sorry, these are the only people I know with blogs that haven't been tagged already!)

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marlene said...

Thanks for playing along! The answers would actually make a fun "all about me" scrapbook layout.